If music was a pie then you'd need mushy peas to go with this, and possibly vinegar.

Welcome to The Weasel Kickers website. 

We are a Derby based band born in 2005 of indie, mock-pop, post-funkpunk-rock parents musing on guitars, drums and utilising mouth voices but any similarity to any genre, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Generally spewing out social commentary and satire holding up mirrors to the face of reality in a bite-size fun bar of musical contextulisations restricted only by the correctnesses imposed upon us by The Company. So it goes. Rustproof and ready to inject.



'Get your kicks on Route-66. Get more on the A44.' - Rick Lowe

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The Weasel Kickers released their new single and video 'A44' on 16th October 2020 from all major digital outlets, including Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, etc.

After a hiatus The Weasel Kickers have returned with the release of their new single and video titled 'A44' out on the 16th October 2020.

Recorded and shot during the Coronavirus lockdown, 'A44' holds a mirror to the frustrations of an isolated and repetitive life in lockdown while remaining tongue firmly in cheek (Aye, aye! ed)

Released via their label Stuck Records A44 is available from all major digital outlets including Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, etc.

More new material is in the pipeline and their Pandemic Planning Committee is currently working on a Weasel Kickers Spreadsheet based software solution - news of which to be released very soon.

New material will include topics such as Donald Trump, the infamous UK electioneering Party Bus, 'Mamba' and the endless drudgery of self scrutiny to make money from insurgent imposed vanity.

"It props up my coffee table and I don't dislike it." - Mr Cummings, Barnard Castle.


The Weasel Kickers are a Derby based band born in 2005 known for their unique brand of social commentary, satire, caustic wit and sometimes surreal humour. They are often accused of being an indie-mockpop-post-folkpunk loud-pop rock band. 

But while they play guitars, drums and sing with their mouth voices any similarity to a genre living or dead is entirely coincidental.

The Weasel Kickers have enjoyed an underground following for over 10 years, their first album Don't Complain was released in 2010 and rumour has it that the bootleg of their first gig may be released in the future if enough people ask for it not to be.

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